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Doris Dive

Are you nervous about being in open water? Do you find your apprehension stops you from enjoying an unforgettable life experience? Then you’ve come to the right place. Progressing at a pace that is right for you, Doris will teach you the essentials of diving. She will gently immerse you into a world rich in colours, helping you to dive calmly and to feel safe in the water within a unique environment. And for seasoned divers, there is the opportunity to choose from various iconic diving spots: the Diamond Rock, the Nahoon shipwreck and the Anses d’Arlets coves.


Snorkelling or regulator initiation 20 euros

First dive starting from 45 euros

Exploration starting from 35 euros

Discovery pack, 10 dives pack us

DORIS DIVE Sensation, Wonder & Well-being